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Why Discipline Must Come From Within - Jocko Willink

Why Discipline Must Come From Within - Jocko Willink

Today we let Mr. Jocko Willink walk us through the importance of realizing that discipline is not given to you from any outside source. You don't get it from your parents or your environment or from your school. Discipline needs to come from within. Discipline starts with you. You have to make yourself do the right thing when it needs to be done.

I know what you're going to say.... "Who's got time to watch a 17 or 18 minute long video". That's your brain trying to defend itself, because your brain knows that once you learn to develop your discipline, you start to control your brain and not the other way around. Your brain is a defense mechanism and it's only job is survival. It doesn't want you to wake up early. It doesn't want you to work hard in the gym. It doesn't want you to eat that healthy dinner. It wants that immediate gratification from the Double bacon cheeseburger from that greasy joint on the corner. It doesn't want you to be uncomfortable or put yourself at risk. This is why you are always second guessing yourself. It's your brain trying to make sure that you stay safely covered in bubble wrap and it stays in control.

Good luck with that...

Get out of your own way for 20 minutes and step out of your safe space and watch this video uninterrupted. The value you will gain will undoubtedly set you on the right path to success.  

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